Checklist for Internet Marketing

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A lot of marketing professionals fail in executing their Internet marketing plans not because they aren’t executed well, but due to the planning being not up to the mark. Follow the below checklist if you want a robust online marketing plan that can work for you:

  • Set a target and aim to achieve it. If you start your campaign without a target or goal, how can you ascertain whether the plan was successful? It is therefore must that you set short term goals to begin with, meet them to the best of your ability, review where you stand, do a comparison between your investment, returns and move forward with your next set of targets.
  • Never create a plan keeping your budget in mind, that’s definitely not the right approach. You first need to create the plan, review it twice or even thrice, check for any gaps and fill them, take a 2nd opinion from someone within the Internet marketing fraternity, someone with a proven track record and then estimate your budget. If your budget doesn’t fit in, look for someone that can back it up with a short term investment and execute your marketing plan. Never pursue online marketing campaign in a haphazard manner because it won’t deliver the results you are looking for and disappointment is all you have to live with.
  • To add to what has been said above, it is recommended that you find an investor that can back your plan and show confidence in your product/service. If this doesn’t happen, execute plan B. It is a measure by which you will make an effort to keep the current plan intact and find new tools or resources that could help in executing the plan without compromising on the list of tasks incase you cannot increase your cost. This would require a lot of research, discussions with experts using online forums and you may very well end up finding the right balance.
  • Ask to yourself if executing your online marketing plan is your cup of tea. If you have worked in this industry and know the techniques that are needed, it would be an ideal situation to be part of the campaign management. If you are new to the field of Internet marketing and not sure how to go about, hire skilled professionals that can execute the plan and meet your budget constraints. If your campaign has 5 phases for example, get each phase completed one at a time, review the performance, results and move forward to the next one. If you don’t wish to end up maintaining the promotional campaigns, hire a professional and reliable virtual assistant that can take care of the campaign monitoring, suggesting improvements, pitching in with doing modifications wherever needed and this will take off the burden on your shoulders.
  • Learn to compare, when needed. A lot of successful websites have drafted their internet marketing plans based on successful plans executed in the past. While its not a must, comparing your own Internet marketing plan with proven plans will help you know where your plan stands, what it lacks, where the scope for improvement is and how it can be improved.
  • Set a buffer time frame for executing your online marketing plan. Following deadlines is a good principle, but certain external factors on which we have little or no control play in and prolong our deadline. This must not affect the mood and continuity of campaign, so setting an additional time frame to give cushion to it may just prove useful.
  • Don’t be in a hurry to become the next ‘happening’ entrepreneur. The truth about successful entrepreneurs is that they are not only gifted with abundance of talent, but have worked hard and smart to be where they are for a considerable period of time. You may very well become successful in a short tenure, but holding the success, keeping the pace with ever changing demands of market and customers is never going to be easy. Maintain a cool head, know where you stand, review your plans from time to time, see what difference you can bring about to your customers business and this quality will take you distances.
  • Your online marketing plan needs to be multi dimensional. Focusing on one strategy at a time is good, but overdoing it for a prolonged period of time might not deliver the kind of results you are looking for. It is better if you can execute two or more strategies concurrently without affecting each other so you can start getting leads, inquiries and sales without having to wait for each phase to get completed.

By following this checklist for your next Internet marketing plan, you are creating yourself the best possible chances of doing well in the business of web marketing. +


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