Common marketing mistakes

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Be it in real life or on the Internet, planning your marketing campaign and executing it right cannot be a walk in the garden. If that was the case, all of us would be successful Entrepreneurs and that’s what differentiates men from boys. Here are some of the most common mistakes that become the reason for one’s downfall:

Poor content, outdated website

In an effort to earn quick money, countless number of webmasters and business owners build their websites based off templates, blended with poor quality content and this takes them no where. Offering the right amount and quality of content, backed by a good looking website is the right way to succeed. Use tools / websites such as copyscape, w3c to find where your website and its content stand and identify the areas to improve.

Keyword stuffing and spamming

A lot of black hat Internet marketers promise you of great results in the shortest possible turn-around and this is no less than warning sign you need to be extremely cautious about. They fill your website with repetitive keywords, otherwise known as keyword stuffing and also promise to blast 1000s of emails to target audience. Ask to yourself, who on the Earth will entertain your product/service after looking at a website that contains no credible information! Maintaining the right keyword density, identifying the right keyword combinations, optimizing your website’s meta tags and creating periodic, but strategic email marketing campaigns will definitely boost your leads and sales in the days to come.

Mirror websites, content duplication

Duplicating your website, its content is an old trick and I term it as outrageous and stupidity at it’s best. Gone are those days when one could register 100s of domains and build quick websites with template based content to generate revenue from ad-sense and other avenues! Google and other search engines have cracked down heavily on such websites and have either penalized or banned them permanently. It takes time to build a professional website that contains SEO optimized content written by a proven content writer and you need to buy that much time, or don’t expect any returns or favors from search engines and end audience.

Unsolicited emails and calls

How many times have you been pounded by calls or emails that were never meant for you? How would you react and feel in such a situation? Same can be said about your target audience. Blasting emails and making unsolicited calls at comfort of Skype is not going to help you or the business you represent in any meaningful manner. It may infact prove to be harmful because you may well end up losing potential clients, who otherwise would consider doing business with your firm, if the approach was professional and articulated. Opt in newsletter subscriptions, appointment schedulers are a great way of interacting with your audience and sharing news, updates and information about your products/services in a strategic manner which doesn’t distract or disturb their day to day operations and this may work in your favor.

Replication is not the answer

A lot of lazy business owners and webmasters post ridiculing projects on crowdsourcing websites for few hundred dollars, or few dollars in some cases, asking for designers, programmers to replicate successful websites because they crave for becoming the next giant, by spending peanuts! This is equally well exploited by con artists that will promise results and vanish in thin air after claiming an upfront payment! Replicating a successful business model is no sin, but it is not the one and only approach, especially when you can invest your time and energy in identifying loopholes of existing businesses, your competitors and building your business plan in offering solutions to those problems.

Know your limitations

While it’s good to dream, knowing our limitations can help us define our goals, vision and plans in a better manner. Wanting to compete with best of best is a good way of improving your own abilities, but it cannot be the only way of succeeding. A lot of marketing firms, agencies and consultants over step their limitations and tend to be in a rush, which never helps them and makes the matters worse. A steady approach, backed by good knowledge of your industry will surely drive the results through your marketing campaign, even if it takes longer time.

Have a plan B

A lot of Internet marketers speak for hours about how great Internet marketing is, the variety it offers and so on, but let’s get to the basics. What works for an individual need not work for others and vice versa. Its’ important for you to believe in a plan A, execute it to the best of your ability, but also have a plan B because it may very well change the course of your business growth. Trial and error is inevitable in the early days, but it shouldn’t become a tendency and you must settle and stick to a plan to execute it for a decent period of time before expecting desired results. Changing and chopping your marketing plans too soon can spell doomsday for your business and its stability.

To conclude, avoid committing these common marketing mistakes and follow the right examples and references to give your website a decent chance of succeeding on the web.


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