Emerging online marketing trends

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The concept of marketing products and services using the Internet platform is a great success story and is going to get bigger and better in the new year. You might want to keep yourself updated with the emerging online marketing trends of 2014, if so, pin the following list of points big and bold on your wall:

  • Content indexing, distribution and sharing is going to get more important than ever with the search engine giants such as Google finding innovative and out of box technologies and strategies to offer best quality content to its users. Relevant content information has been a concern for many years, especially voiced by B2B companies that require accurate data and information about end consumers to market their products to. Case studies, E-newsletters, news and blog sharing are some of the trends that already existed, but being optimized to perform better.
  • Social media marketing is another important segment that will see a series of changes, moving forward with the ever changing mood and preferences of its end users. Gone are those days when one could jump on to a site such as Twitter and post some random tweets announcing a new product, or portfolio item to lure customers. Social media giants are aware of the modifications being made by Google to display more relevant and accurate search results and this demands a degree of home work by them to make these social media websites more centralized, organized and performance oriented. Brand equity and building matter a lot of small to big entrepreneurs and companies that use more and more of social media to penetrate into a larger spectrum of audience.
  • Quick loading images play an important role in captivating the imagination and thought process of end consumers who wish to see and feel the product, service being sold to them, than reading a bunch of promising lines. Images have always been an integral part of content presentation, but since emergence of web 2.0 and 3.0, it has become more difficult for marketing consultants to come up with unique images that carry a deep meaning to what they are selling. Gathering a bunch of images, editing and merging them in photoshop is no longer considered a winning strategy for selling your products, services. The image you display must speak for itself with or without text and persuade the user to click on.
  • Minimalistic marketing strategies are going to be a trend setter in the new year. Loud flash advertisements, exaggerated content with in-depth analysis may interest a small section of audience, but most visitors on the Internet prefer accessing simplistic content that’s easy and quick to read. This change in preference can also be attributed to the ever changing lifestyle demands in our day to day life where we prefer more comfort, less noise, more automation and less human intervention. If you are planning to build a new product or launch a new service, make sure it is presented in a subtle manner so the users can accept it without having to go back and forth.
  • Mobile friendly websites will have a gala of time in the new year, with ever increasing number of people that use mobiles and similar gadgets to access and stay connected to the web. If you are planning to launch a website or blog, make sure its completely responsive with 0 errors as this can increase your sites visitors and keep them engaged. If you have an outdated website that is not mobile compatible, hire a professional designer, developer that can do the needful.
  • As compared to pay per click, social media signals and advertisements will take over the Internet by storm in the new year, considering the number of users that use social media websites for entertainment and business purposes. If you have a promising product, service that needs immediate attention, consider creating a professional banner and getting it published on sites such as Facebook, because this will generate quicker leads as compared to pay per click which is very fluctuating and tough to deal in terms of competition. It has been found that major brands such as Nike, Reebok and other brands are spending more budget on social media advertising compared to pay per click because of the desirable results they have received in the last couple of years and market research shows that more and more E-commerce giants are going to rely heavily on social media’s popularity and user base in the new year to boost their sales and stay ahead of competition.
  • Considering the amount of popularity youtube has gained in the few years since it started, a lot of value and prominence is being given to videos that are informative and easy to download. The emergence of video publishing is no surprise, because more than 50% of users that are active on the Internet spend most of their time in finding and browsing videos related to various genres, not just for entertainment purposes, but for their sales, promotion, educational and marketing needs.

What are you waiting for? Prepare your next campaign around these emerging online marketing trends and boost your online profitability to a new level.


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