How important is Marketing

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The word marketing has become an integral part of our life, which implies it has a degree of importance to it which needs to be understood. While many startup’s pay too much of attention on the product design, development, some smart ones out there give equal or more importance to their marketing strategy and that’s what makes them successful. The concept of marketing merely doesn’t revolve around selling, but also includes other important segments such as advertising, brand creation and market research. All put together, your marketing plan must follow certain principles and protocols if it has to stand a chance of getting close to success

  • An important decision to make when creating your product, service is to see how marketable it is, whether it can sustain turbulences and then determine its marketing strategy and age. Apart from these factors, you also need to determine how much cost it involves and how labor incentive it can get.
  • To minimize costing, you need to come up with an efficient online marketing strategy by utilizing the power of search engines to conduct your market research, using latest open source tools and technologies to automate most of your marketing process and minimize human intervention. Go back to the olden days when you had to send invitations to numerous clients or associates, inviting them on launch of your new product. In today’s modern era, Internet has made it a lot easier, quicker and smarter. By using the concept of user subscription and mass emailing, you can now send one email to a group of subscribers that are interested in receiving alerts and notifications about your new product’s launch.
  • Likewise, building a professional website will help your business in maintaining a positive marketing approach to end audience as it serves as a face value and makes it self explanatory. Using options such as drop down menu’s, search and advanced search filters, sitemap and more, your website’s visitors can move from one section to other with ease, without bothering you. To add, you can integrate free online customer support and ticketing systems which make it a lot easier for users to get in touch and put across queries and receive instant, quicker responses.
  • Marketing can have a negative side to it, which needs to be kept in mind. Your marketing strategy is not mechanized to determine to which audience it needs to target, it also doesn’t understand what you are aiming to accomplish through the plan. It is therefore important you draft a robust marketing plan that is well planned, organized and executed by seasoned marketing professionals that know where they need to step in, make the required modifications and ensure the campaign runs smooth, uninterrupted and fetches the demanded results.
  • Search engines on the Internet, all put together constitute more than 70% of Internet’s active users and hence, building your website and making it search engine friendly is imperative. Ranking on top positions for relevant keywords will make it a lot more easier for you to get noticed and this will increase your leads, which in turn may very well boost your sales, provided your product, service is appealing, cost efficient compared to its competitors and backed by an excellent communication team that’s always around the corner to respond to client’s request for quotation and routine inquiries.
  • Social media marketing is another important segment that defines why marketing is so important for your business to reach to the next level. By using websites such as Facebook, you are not only building new connections within your domain, but also interacting with them on a social platform which covers a wider range of issues, concerns and causes that are not directly related to your business. Imagine joining a Facebook page that encourages charity and being a part of it, you may well build some new connections that might be interested in getting a website built, an existing website re-designed or who knows they may very well hire you for building their next marketing plan? To put it in a better context, your marketing plan need not be solely focused on selling, selling and selling. It can also allocate some space for other areas of life that demonstrates your social responsibility and school of thought.

A lot of websites that don’t focus enough of marketing their brand fade out and always find lame excuses such as bad luck, bad timing and what not. If you are true to yourself and realize the importance of marketing your product, service in the right manner, it will definitely fetch a lot of goodness and returns on your investment in the long run. If you aren’t sure of how to go about marketing by yourself, contemplate hiring a professional marketing consultant and find out what are the steps you need to take care of to get started and implement them in a timely and professional manner. Happy marketing!


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