How social media marketing helps

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Since growth and popularity of the Internet, several new technologies and streams have been introduced by innovative companies that constantly find ways to make the use of Internet more efficient and lucrative. Social media is one such phenomenon that has crated a multi dimensional platform using which users can get connected to their family, friends and interact with them, share videos, messages, photos and much more. These websites not only create a sense of community, but also help webmasters, consultants and business owners to promote and market their brands to target audience with help of business, fan pages and ads.

Facebook is a social media giant that has over taken Google in terms of the most number of unique visitors to a website. This is an astonishing accomplishment considering the fact that Google has the most advanced and powerful search engine on planet Earth and had an impeccable track record of being the number 1 site for so long. Other popular sites such as Ecademy, Linkedin and Twitter also play an important role in your social media campaign planning. A wide spectrum of audience, establishments and businesses use these websites to build new connections, improve their leads pipeline and convert them to sales.

Once your website has been built, it must be integrated with these social media sites so you can tap those audiences that aren’t aware of your website or its product/services. How is this possible? Follow these steps to begin with:

  • Setup your official fan, business page and make it look professional using your logo, graphics and content.
  • Once this part has been taken care of, import all of your contacts from Gmail, Hotmail and other sources that allows you to send bulk invitation to all of them to join your page, like it, endorse it and recommend it to others.
  • This in turn increases your page’s popularity because your existing connections will post the link to your fan page on their profile and it will create a buzz to their contacts who may very well land on your page and this process keeps continuing in a loop generating a lot of in flow to your site in terms of visitors.
  • It’s not easy as it sounds. Your page needs to have a professional presentation to it and be prepared to shell out some bucks on getting it properly branded by a digital media professional that can demonstrate visually, what sets your page apart from its competitors.
  • You can make important announcements, hold surveys, polls, conduct events and much more using the social media platform and this in turn keeps your audience engaged and glued to your page. By doing so, you are retaining your main audience which is a key principle in the concept of marketing to acquire repeat business and referrals.
  • Social media can be integrated to work with your website, such that if you create a new post on one of your social media platforms, it will feed to your website directly under the relevant page/section. How does this make a difference? A lot of your website’s visitors might not be active on social media, yet they are able to gain access to what you are sharing on these social media sites and this may very well propel them to sign up and join your business page.
  • You can also consider posting ads on these social media sites if you have a decent budget and a deep pocket to sustain losses in case they occur. These ads are carefully reviewed, approved and published by the social media giants based on certain protocols which ensures their maximization of utility.
  • Creation of contests is another way you can keep your fans engaged and participated with your business. While this isn’t a must for every product/service, some top brands use it as a mantra to lure customers into spending more time, which in turn gives them the best chance to increase the potential of their leads and sales. It is a golden principle in the world of Internet marketing that more the time your visitors spend on your site, better the results will be.
  • A lot of first time customer’s thong to social media websites to verify your company’s background and the best way to do it is by owning your business/fan page where you can demonstrate your projects, past client testimonials and videos and show them what you are made of.
  • Compared to other internet marketing methods such as SEO and pay per click, social media marketing doesn’t demand much budget from you which is a plus because you can utilize the budget you have for using other online marketing strategies that can drive additional traffic to your website.

In all, social media marketing is one of the most popular strategies that is affordable, reliable and helpful for your product/service to get the kind of exposure it deserves.


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