Internet marketing – Introduction

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It can be noted that a rapid advancement of technology in the modern ea has raised a new level of comfort to business owners, webmasters and consultants to utilize the platform of Internet in order to conduct their advertising, sales and marketing campaigns.


From the old days when Email was invented to the latest VOIP software that let you speak over the Internet with a call to your near and dear, supported by video streaming, Internet has come a long way and it’s a different world all together. Search engines have made it easy for researchers, students, professionals and other users to find and compare, save information, data useful for their day to day operations.


Talk about shopping and the first word that comes to your mind is E-commerce. Websites such as Ebay, Etsy and many others offer hosting and sale of products with several payment options to choose from. The concept of online shopping has grown in popularity in the recent times and 1/3rd of new websites that are being built use the power of open source E-commerce systems such as Magento to build their customized online shopping sites. You must be wondering why all this talk about these topics that are not relevant to Internet marketing? No, right from the time you choose your domain name, build your website, develop your social media platform, all these become an integral part of Internet marketing and its important you understand the basics before getting into the advanced topics.


Online marketing can be classified into push and pull marketing, much similar like what you come across in conventional marketing.


While push marketing thrives around the concept of creating content, ads and other data to reach to your potential audience, pull marketing is more consumer oriented by which they search for information, products and services they like inquiring about and purchasing.


Search engine optimization is a classic example of pull marketing where webmasters and website owners aim to rank their websites in the top search engine results because more than 70% of web users utilize search engines to find new vendors, associates, partners and websites that sell what they are looking for. Pay per click is a paid search engine campaign by which one can bid for relevant keywords that can drive traffic to their website via sponsored ads that are highlighted on top of search engine results.


The process of online marketing needs to be continuous if you are expecting steady leads and sales for your business. Having said that, some sellers use seasonal marketing campaigns such as gifts during Christmas that helps them gain quicker leads during that tenure. Articles writing and marketing is another popular strategy by which one can reach out to target audience by supplying useful information and content about a particular subject. Several websites that allow publishing of articles allow the author to post his/her name, website’s link and signature so readers can get in touch, if interested.


While E-mail marketing has received a bad name in recent times due to spamming and unsolicited emails, there are companies that thrive and do well by creating and maintaining strategic email campaigns using newsletters, subscriptions and other methods which help them interact with the customers and offer new products/services without opting for a direct pitch.


Marketing on the web involves a lot of tough competition in several niches and its therefore important one does some market and competitor research before drafting and executing the plan. You need to ensure the website you are promoting is cross browser, mobile compatible, with an original design, ably supported by rich SEO friendly content as this will give you the right impetus to hold and conduct the campaign for positive results.


A lot of amateur webmasters and businessmen, that lack patience build low quality websites and spend a lot of money on their marketing campaigns which often proves disastrous. It’s a myth that one must spend more money on marketing and less on the website. Reality is that both of them are equally important, inter-dependent and compliment one another. The quality of a successful website is determined by its age, the traffic it receives, the inquiries it receives in a given day and the number of sales it makes in a given period of time. To reach that level, webmasters must use the right framework and build a website that can scale and last long, with the content being added and updated on a regular basis.


A lot of free and useful tools, resources, e-books and videos are available on the web that demonstrate and share a lot of valuable information which will help beginners to create and run their online marketing campaigns efficiently. If you ever have any queries or concerns, sign up on free web forums under the topic you are looking for and receive expert recommendations from the community members. You must be wondering why anyone would take their valuable time to offer you the solutions. It’s because these experts are slowly, but steadily building their brand name and reputation by offering the right solutions, at no cost and in turn get referred for paid business.


To wrap up, Internet marketing is a great method of promoting and selling your products, services without having to spend a truck of money on conventional marketing.


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