Internet marketing scams

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 Internet marketing is a thriving billion dollar industry, but like any other sector , it has some shady side to it where new online marketing scams emerge to rip off your hard earned income. The following tips will be useful in helping you in choosing and working with the right tools and agencies:

  • Never trust a website that lacks basic contact information, address that can be verified and a valid phone number that you can dial into as their intentions don’t seem to be on the right path. Such websites lure you into making them subscription based payments and never do justice to your investment.

  • Before you decide to hire a professional or buy a tool that is useful for your online marketing campaign, conduct a background check using search engines, with name of the product, company in question, followed by words such as scam, fraud and watch out for directories and forums that publish bad reviews and complaints against them. Some of these so called complaints may turn out to be hoax, fabricated by competitors. But if you do come across such complaints, contact the publisher and do some fact finding before jumping to conclusions.

  • Get rich quick schemes are often considered dubious and you must contemplate staying away from them as there are genuine ways of earning income and buying products on the web

  • If you ever want your website to rank high in the search engine results for relevant keywords, find out credentials of the SEO freelancer or team you are about to hire. Never trust anyone that claims a direct association with Google, because their guidelines clearly indicate no such partnerships, favors or associates. Google doesn’t even guarantee each submitted website getting indexed, so the question of getting a site ranked on top pages doesn’t arise.

  • Stay away from unsolicited emails that land in your spam filtered inbox because all of them are considered fake, unethical and illegal. If you ever receive an email claiming they can boost your internet marketing sales, make an effort in contacting them, speaking to one of the reps, verify their past client testimonials by speaking to them and check the website to make a comparison of what they claim Vs what exists.

  • A lot of crowdsourcing websites offer talent pool and low cost projects that you can get executed by freelancing professionals, teams and companies across the globe. If you ever choose to work with one of them, post a project, wait for a decent number of bids to come in, short list contenders based on price, reviews and interview each of them before making your choice. Once this part has been taken care of, use safe escrow system available on most of these platform to create a milestone payment assuring your vendor of the funds being available and release the payment once the job has been competed to your utmost satisfaction

  • A lot of fake referral campaigns lure you into paying them a one time fee, becoming a referral and selling products to earn commissions and introducing new members to make additional income. You need to read between the lines and know what they are offering for what you are paying and determine if its something worth investing. Amway is an exceptional company that operates on a similar model, buts it products and brand value make it easier for new consumers to join your down-line.

  • Some other internet marketing scams that you need to be aware are listed below for reference:

    • Submission of website to thousands of search engines

    • Acquire 100s of high PR back links for the lowest cost

    • Link exchange programs

    • Mass email blast to

    • Online money laundering

    • Receive your paycheck now!

    • You have won a jackpot worth millions of dollars

    • Your mobile number has been shortlisted and eligible to receive a free gift

    • Send your bank account details for a huge cash deposit

    • Google # 1 ranking guaranteed

Apart from these schemes, there are some individuals who operate on sites such as Craigslist and involve in selling fake products, services which will never come to your doorstep after making the payment.. You must also be cautious about seasonal offers that are posted during festivals and holidays because most of such offers are either too complicated or suspicious and the timing of their campaign is such that most consumers fail in using their diligence due to the happy mood they are in and anxiety, eagerness to buy a surprise gift for loved ones. They show false checks and testimonials to make you trust them before ripping you off. If you can exercise patience and do some research, there are quite a few internet marketing strategies that are genuine and help you in shaping a successful career on the web.


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